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We asked Lisa-Marie Winning, division director with Investors Group Financial Services Inc., to help us out with the following (tricky) interview question:

Can you describe a position that you held where you had to work at a high-energy level for an extended period of time?  How did you handle multiple key priorities and still maintain the high level of energy required? How did you maintain your effectiveness?

I'm looking for someone who approaches the answer with excitement, not someone who gives me the sense that it was a taxing experience that they are glad is over. I'm looking for an answer that indicates the candidate thrives in those situations, and that they actually get more energy and motivation from being in that type of a situation. I also want to see some creativity in their answer: if they want to work for Investors Group, then they need to be dynamic and charismatic in their delivery; they need to paint a picture and engage me in the story they are telling me. Investors Group Consultants spend a great deal of time with clients, and we want our clients to be excited and engaged. So if I'm bored with their answer, then it tells me a client might feel the same.

I listen carefully for a detailed response that indicates they really enjoyed the challenge of the task, were able to remain organized throughout , and worked in a manner that maintained a very high level of efficiency. Their time and resources are valuable, and I want to see that they feel that way about themselves. I want to know they are the type of person who gets a kick out of working really hard, and is inspired by the results.