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Thilo Mohan, sourcing and recruitment specialist for Xerox Canada Ltd. shares her tips to convincing employers that you're perfect for the job.

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it's so easy to mass email your resumé to a number of different jobs with a touch of a finger. You'll create one awesome resumé and send it out to as many companies as possible, right? Wrong. Although you may be an awesome candidate with an amazing application, to employers you're just another candidate until proven otherwise.


So how do you stand out and catch our attention? Start by catering your resumé. We'll tell you exactly what we're looking for, so if you have those skills and experiences, make sure you let us know. Once you've caught our attention, aim to wow us in your interview—this is your time to shine!

Many employers will ask this question in one way or another, "Why should we hire you?" Use this opportunity to sell yourself! You know you're an awesome candidate and your resumé does some justice, but we need to see that you're stellar too.

Things to consider when formulating your answer

1. You made it through the pre-screening process. Now that your resumé has passed the test, how can you express your personality and characteristics that aren't written on your application?
2. What are some of your greatest qualities? And what examples can you provide the employer with to prove you're the ideal candidate?
3. What relevant experience can you share with the employer to showcase unique capabilities and overall organizational fit?
4. What would the employer lose out on if they decided not to move forward with you?

Finally, the response

Remember, your answer will be more detailed with examples, but here's what an ideal answer should sound like:

"I am the ideal candidate for this role because I will bring a diverse background of skills, education, and work experience to your organization. I'm also a great communicator and I'm able to work incredibly well under pressure. I'm known to be a leader and an individual that is highly motivated and driven to succeed. In my previous experiences, I have proven my ability to adapt to changing environments and to think quickly on my feet. I believe I would be the perfect fit for this role because in times of uncertainty, I will always work hard to develop a solution through my impeccable problem solving skills and my ability to apply my transferrable skills appropriately."