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How To Make It In Advertising (Pt. II) - Al Scornaienchi - Agency59

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THE GIST: In PART II, JPtv meets Agency59 CEO & President Al Scornaienchi. After earning a Business degree from the University of Western Ontario, Scornaienchi was unsure of what field he would end up in. Scornaienchi even toyed with the idea of becoming an accountant or a branch manager at a bank - a bank! - before almost accidentally settling into the mad world of advertising. Scornaienchi sat down with us to discuss the grueling hours of working in the ad world, offers advice to aspiring advertisers, and why he loves being a "Mad Man". Sit down, kick off your shoes, and enjoy!

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MARKETING & ADVERTISING SERIES: This video is part of an in-depth and ongoing series by JPtv (Jobpostings Magazine) to explore the growing industry of advertising as a career path.

SHARING THE LOVE: A huge thank you to Al Scornaienchi and Agency59 for sitting down and talking with us. You can learn more about Agency59 at

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