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When you walk into a store, have you ever wondered how the boxes made their way onto the shelves? Behind the scenes, there is a team that devotes their time and energy to getting the right products on the shelves at the right time for customers to buy.

What does a distribution centre do?

A distribution centre is the heart of a supply network and plays an integral role in moving products from manufacturers to stores. Historically, distribution centres also act as storage facilities. But with technological advancements in the industry, centres like The Home Depot Canada’s “Stock and Flow” removed this step from the supply chain equation. Instead, all received inventory travels through the building’s conveyor belts and then is directly shipped to the stores.

Located in Vaughan, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta, their stock and flow centres are state-of-the-art buildings that receive and distribute thousands of products every week. They are innovative and fast flow-through facilities: once a package is received, it is quickly unloaded and sorted to create a product order shipment which is distributed to one of 182 stores across Canada. 

What is it like to work at a distribution centre?

A distribution centre is a fast-paced and exciting environment where attention to detail is critical. Everyone plays an important part in the order fulfillment process, but the key to successful execution is teamwork.  From unloading trailers to sorting products to preparing orders and even driving forklifts, everyone’s role keeps the chain moving.

Is working in supply chain for me?

If you are a hands-on person who enjoys problem-solving and thrives in a rapidly changing environment, the Stock and Flow Centre is the place for you.  Even if you’re new to the field of supply chain logistics, The Home Depot Canada provides extensive training to all associates. Intensive courses start on day one and include health and safety classes, distribution process modules and forklift certification. With “taking care of our people” as one of The Home Depot’s core company values, they also offer mentorship programs, leadership courses and tuition reimbursement.

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